"Addiction is any Behaviour that the person finds relief in the short term and craves, but suffers negative consequences, and cannot sustain from it"

                                                                                            Gabor Mate  (The Wisdom of Trauma 2021)


(IAR) Inspiring Addiction 

Real people/Real solutions

At IAR we operate in various locations though-out  the midlands, we specialise in the realistic, and honest approach to the ongoing steps, of the journey to the recovery from addiction.

Your Strength And Commitment

Is Our Reward

Our Team

At IAR our team and our goals  are all very like minded , we are individuals that understand our core values in respect to Addiction and Mental Health Awareness some of whom have suffered, or  are suffering at the moment with this day to day battle,  our aim is to guild and give different options in the continual important approach in the wellbeing and life changing values at  this very important part of your recovery journey. and alternatives


Sean Grant


Adrian Moon

PA-Social Media 

Catherine Shayle

Head-Social Care

Debra Fletcher


Lillia Grant



Among the vavalues that protege might admire in a mentor is the following, integrity,considerstion of other's feelings, promise keeping, not just promise marking, authenticity, and honouring of confidence.



A person who pleads another's cause, or who speaks or writes in support of someone or something, a good advocate does his or her homework, and follows through on what they say there going to DO.

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