Founder (IAR)
Sean Grant 
 Head of Business Development

My name is Sean Grant i am 49 years old and  have two children i am also a recovering alcoholic, in the past , I have been a Firefighter, Business owner, within the Construction Industry, and have since  been  in denial about my addiction until now, what you we get from me and our organisation is Honesty and Truth, without these the journey of recovery will not work.let us give you the advice and tools to make this life changing time of your journey happen.

Management Board

 CEO /Head of Business Development               Non-Executive/Director                                 Director/Trustee

                                      Sean Grant                                                                                                                     Jason Vince                                                                                             Stephen Dyde

                 Founder/CEO                                    Business/Development        Professional Martial/Arts Instructor. 


                Director/Trustee                                             Director/Trustee                                       Director/Trustee

                        Serena Bostock                                                Julie Thompson                                              Jason Mattews

       Head/Health & Socialcare      Head/Mental Health-Wellbeing     Building Service/Mamager