Founder (IAR)
     Sean Grant  

    Head of Business Development         

My name is Sean Grant , i am 49 years old and  have two children i am also a Recovering Alcoholic, in the past , I have been a Firefighter, Business Owner within the Construction Industry, and have also  been  in denial about my addiction until now, what you we get from me and our organisation is honesty and truth, without this, the journey of recovery will not work, let us give you the advice and tools to make this life changing time of your journey to Recovery.


Highly qualified and motivated professionals

We set up this charity simply because we feel the need to understand the individuals in the perspective of someone who has been though and still going thought the daily struggle with addiction and mental health issues, therefore we offer not a cure but options and tools to guild you though your journey in recovery.

Management Board

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

On our management board ,we have a very wide range of experience and wealth of understanding in business and Health and Safety, particular in Mental Health and Addiction ,we all understand the need for change and guidance , with this in mind we all operate a clear  Non-profit charity organisation with a passion and transparent approach to guidance in these very important and challenging times ahead.