Our Story

Sean Grant 
(CEO Founder IAR)

My name is Sean Grant. I am a 50-year-old ex-firefighter and construction manager from Derbyshire. Two years ago, after 32 years of suffering from addiction, I was told that my health was deteriorating.  Thus, I made the decision to completely recover from my addiction. However, during my time of recovery, I yearned for real help. But could not find a realistic approach to Addiction Recovery - therefore, I came up with the great vision to start IAR and since then I truly have never looked back.

IAR service user 

These unique individuals had an idea for months and never gave up on it now he has a drop in centre to talk about not just recovery but friendship a building where you can go and freely talk about the real pain and anguish of  addiction I have been clean for years and felt that tonight was one of the most comforting groups I have gone to no judgement no steps just freedom to tell how it is and love to show you that ya heading in the right direction this man had a dream and made it come true only good things to come