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Brain Development & Addiction with Gabor Mate

(CEO)Sleeps Rought on streets of Nottingham to Highlight issues

Masterclass Steve Dyde Wing Chun Pak Sau

IAR Community Hub

Our IAR community hub provides a wide variety of services to support the community with challenges in there life, Our services include a food bank, , a  community cafe. We also provide a debt and financial advice service, a benefit advisor is on hand weekly,  All these services offer support to any individual in the community whom are struggling with the current cost of living crisis. The hub also offers a signposting service to other available services throughout nuneaton and surrounding areas . We offer a myriad of mental health and wellbeing services. These include various groups and workshops, such as mindfulness and meditation coaching, positive thinking classes, peer support, arts and craft therapy groups, emotional therapy classes, and addiction recovery.